Install Rain Gutters

Install Rain Gutters

Are you one of the people who still own old houses? If your answer is yes, there is a possibility that you don’t have gutters on your house. The truth of the matter is that having a gutter less home can sound quite odd in this generation. Gutters will prevent rain water from splashing into your foundation. Moreover, gutters add to the overall beauty of your home.

One of the primary responsibilities of homeowners is to install and maintain gutters and downspouts. However, the process of installing rain gutters is not as simple as you may think. In this article, we will look at some of the pointers of installing rain gutters. However, it is important to leave this task in the hands of professionals. A company like does a good job when it comes to the installation of rain gutters.


Know the Slope of Your Roof

You cannot install rain gutters unless you know the slope of your eaves. This is an important element because it determines the flow of the rain water. After you understand this element, you will get a line level and stretch it across the eave and then mark off the low point on one side and the high point on the other side. You cannot avoid this step if you want to install rain gutters in the right way. The slope of the guttering can range from ¼ an inch to 3/8 of an inch for every ten feet. The risk of anything that is less than this is that your water may not drain properly. After you have made the marks, you may go back with your chalk line to snap off the reference line. 


Cut the Gutters

Using a measuring tape, mark off the desired length of the rain gutter and mark it off. Make sure you mark the whole gutter all the way around and on the exterior of the gutter. The next step is to cut off the gutters to the right length. There are several ways of accomplishing this task but an excellent pair of tin snips can work quite well. I have seen some people using a saw but the challenge is that the results may not be quite pretty. In case you are working with aluminum gutters, remember to wear gloves because of the sharp edges.


Attaching the Guttering

Time has now come for you to attach gutters on the eaves. To do this, you may use hanging brackets to hold the rain gutter and then screw it in the fascia board of the roof. You need a high level of expertise to undertake this task. As you attach the brackets, the recommendation is spacing them out 24 inches throughout the gutter length and six inches from each end.



The downspout is the last stage if you want to install rain gutters. You will be expected to install a sleeve portion towards the end of the gutter and this will also attach to the downspout. Take the sleeve and then draw out an outline around it in the gutter. The next thing is to use the drill to cut out an opening and the jigsaw in cutting out the hole. Take a silicone tube to seal any edges around the openings so as to prevent the leakage of water.

Use metal screws to screw the pieces together and then cut the downspout to the correct size. Put on end caps and then use your silicone to seal them. You should also carry out this process in any seams. You can use a water hose to squirt water on the roof so as to check for any leakages. With all this information, you have all it takes to successfully install rain gutters. You will discover that the process is more manageable but its better left to professionals.

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